Conditional Use Permits | Helping You From Start to Finish!

Conditional Use Permits | Helping You From Start to Finish!



We get asked a lot: why would someone want a conditional use permit? The short answer is that starting a business isn’t always as easy as finding a location and opening the doors for customers; there is a lot of regulation on brick and mortar businesses that varies from city to city. Many city zoning plans outlaw certain types of businesses from opening due to potential problems or nuisances caused by these types of businesses. However, a conditional use permit grants the applicant an exception to these zoning rules under specific conditions that prevent the applicant’s business from creating a negative impact on the surrounding community. This is why it is so crucial for any potential business owner to understand what conditional use permits are and when it is necessary to obtain one.

So how does someone apply for a conditional use permit in United States? That’s where we come in! Generally speaking, the application for an American Conditional Use Permit begins by having an attorney contact local zoning officials on your behalf. The zoning committee or the individual official contacted will then respond with any necessary requirements for the application, on top of any important information specific to the property or area it lies in. Before a decision is made regarding the conditional use permit application, the applicant must appear before the zoning committee for a hearing to discuss the conditional use of the property and answer any questions or concerns brought forth by the committee. 

After a successful hearing, the applicant will be given further information and instructions on how to proceed in obtaining the permit and comply with zoning requirements. However, the process doesn’t end here; there are still other administrative bodies that determine whether or not a business would be ideal for a Conditional Use Permit. As soon as the zoning staff approve of the proposal, the application is forwarded to city council members who have full discretion in granting or denying conditional use applications.

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