Most of our clients in Delaware ask us about what Delaware Conditional Use Permit is and why is it important. Well, let’s say that a large gate is restricting you in establishing your business and a Delaware County Conditional Use Permit is the only key you need to open it. 

Aside from acquiring legal possession over a location for your business, you should know that there are still legal documents needed before you can use the land for your establishment–conditional use permit (CUP) is one of them. This legal document is a byproduct of the foundation of zone and community standards which are aimed at the security of public’s health and safety. Typically, the project promoter will apply for a conditional use permit which will be scrutinized by legal authorities. If the application is accepted, the conditional use permit will be granted which will allow implementation of the proposed use of land provided that adherence with the legal provisions and restrictions will be followed. It is a vital point that every prospective businessman must understand what conditional use permit is, its importance, and when should it be acquired.

The technicalities of the process in obtaining a Delaware County Conditional Use Permit could be really confusing and hard to deal with hence we are here to assist you!

Obtaining Delaware County Conditional Use Permit is’s specialization. Through years of established relationship with legal zoning authorities at Delaware, we have mastered the founding community standards which enable us to accomplish the process of obtaining the conditional use permit for our clients with ease and punctuality. We want you to focus on intricately planning your business by leaving the legal matters to us. 

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Delaware Conditional Use Permit Facts

We are focused on acquiring the conditional use permit for our clients’ businesses with ease and promptness by making sure that each aspect of the application adheres with the various standards established in Delaware before presenting them to the legal authorities. Since the legal process would require an ample amount of attention and physical appearances from the applicants, we make sure to assist our clients until the issuance of permit is done. The service extends even until the business’ operation to ensure it is continuously abiding with the Delaware zoning restrictions and provisions to avoid the cancellation of permit.