One of the vital documents you should secure before opening a business in San Diego is the San Diego County Conditional Use Permit (CUP). You might have already heard it a couple of times yet could still be clueless about it. Well, putting it simply, starting a business does not finish upon finding the location and constructing the building. 

A San Diego County Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is a legal document which will give you a gate-pass in establishing your business in San Diego so long as it follows the standards set by zoning authorities. Usually, the owner will apply for a San Diego County Conditional Use Permit which will be scrutinized by zoning authorities. Public health and safety will be considered on the evaluation of application. If deemed acceptable, the permit will be granted which will allow the proposed use of land. It would be such a waste of effort if you are already on the production stage only to find your establishment being called to close because you do not have the conditional use permit. That is why it is very important for entrepreneurs alike to know what is a conditional use permit and when should one obtain it. 

Sounds difficult and technical? Worry not! is here to assist you. With the years of experience in processing special permits for our clients in San Diego, our company has built its reputation as a leader of the industry. The vast array of connections we have made with the legal and zoning authorities in San Diego made us master the different standards set by the community. We ensure that you will be able to give ample attention in setting up your business while we take care of the legal document processing. 

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San Diego County Conditional Use Permit Facts

The process of acquiring a San Diego County Conditional Use Permit starts with the application for the permit. We know that the process could be everbearing for the applicant since it requires an ample amount of time and attention which will include physical appearances from time to time. Hence, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in every step of the process to ensure the acceptance of proposals. We also provide consultations and guidance even after the issuance of permit to prevent its cancellation.