If you are planning to set your business in San Bernardino County then you should know if you will be needing a San Bernardino County Conditional Use Permit (CUP). Even though you have the rights over your property, your land, you cannot just use it in any way you want. There are zoning regulations which you should consider and abide to before proceeding on implementing the use of your land. This is where a conditional use permit comes in handy!

A San Bernarnardino County Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is given to people who have requested and appealed to the local zoning authority of San Bernardino for their proposed use of land. Anyone who would like to utilize a land in San Bernardino in a way that is somewhat prohibited by the existing zoning regulations shall heed approval by the zoning authorities. The process starts with the application of a permit. Public hearings will then be set to evaluate the soundness of the conditional use arguments as weighed by their impacts to the community’s health and safety. If the application is deemed acceptable, a conditional use permit will then be given which will allow you to proceed on the proposed land use. It is important that businessmen should know when and how to acquire a San Bernardino County Conditional Use Permit as it could be your key on opening your business. is the industry leader on processing San Bernardino County Conditional Use Permit. Our years of experience in processing special permits for our clients enable us to execute the process with promptness and accuracy. We have established our connections with various legal counsels and local zoning authorities which helped us to fully understand the zoning standards in San Bernardino County. 

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San Bernardino County Conditional Use Permit Facts

We are dedicated to lead your application for the conditional use permit to its approval. We make sure to intricately look at every details and requirements for each stage of the application. We understand the overwhelming process of obtaining a conditional use permit as it requires ample attention, time, and physical appearance to courts that is why we will be there with you in every step of the way. Even after the issuance of the permit, we will still guide you in the operations to prevent the cancellation of permit from happening.