Securing a Riverside County Conditional Use Permit (CUP) comes right after finding a name and location for your business! However, you might be perplexed right now as to what in the world is a conditional use permit. Simple! Acquiring the Riverside County Conditional Use Permit guarantees the legal establishment of your business!

A conditional use permit is a legal pass granted to establishments who would like to use a land in a way that is somehow prohibited by the zoning regulations set as standards in a respective zone. You cannot just establish a building or establishment any way you want as zoning regulations and restrictions are existing. These zoning regulations are the government’s measure for safeguarding the public’s health and safety. Any proposed use of land shall pass the scrutinization of local zoning authorities before it can be granted with the permit to proceed operation. Knowing when and how to acquire a conditional use permit is important as it could save you from future hassles and problems. 

No matter how technical and complicated the process might look, you need not to worry!   We at ConditionalUsePermits.com are dedicated to assisting our clients in obtaining the conditional use permit they need. We start by helping our clients in preparing the required documents for the permit application. With the vast connection we have with other legal counsels and zoning authorities in Riverside, we now have the full understanding of the zone regulations in Riverside County. Acquiring a Riverside County Conditional Use Permit has been our trademark and specialization. 

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Riverside County Conditional Use Permit Facts

Upon sending an application to the local zoning authority of Riverside, the official will tell the applicant the required documents for the application. Public hearings will be held from which the promoter will be summoned to present the arguments for the proposed conditional use and answer the questions of the zoning board. For each of the process, we make sure to provide assistance and guidance to our clients in answering the questions to ensure that the proposal will be accepted.