“Why do I need to obtain an Orange County Conditional Use Permit?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions of our clients. The answer is simple. You should get an Orange County Conditional Use Permit (CUP) because it could be one of the keys for you to open the doors of your dream business!

You might already have a fancy name for your business and a strategic location but these things do not guarantee that you can already start the operation. Orange County has a group of legal counsels called the zoning authorities who are responsible for safeguarding the public’s health and safety. Any proposed use of land opposing the standards set by the authorities and deemed as a threat to the people in the community will not be approved and allowed to be implemented. This is why you should obtain an Orange County Conditional Use Permit before you can get your business operating. Knowing what a conditional use permit and when to acquire it will help you in preventing future problems and hassle

The process might seem difficult and complex but that if you have us on your side, everything will go smoothly.’s specialization is processing Orange County Conditional Use Permit. With the years of experience in assisting our clients on their permit application, we have had our name on the top of the industry ladder. We have the full understanding of the zoning regulations in Orange County which makes aligning your proposed use of land with legal provisions and restrictions easier. 

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Obtaining a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is a vital step in establishing the legal foundation of your business. Set an appointment with our experts for consultations and assistance in processing your Conditional Use Permit (CUP). You may contact us through this number tel:+1 800-799-9081 or visit us at 475 Washington Blvd., Marina Del Ray, CA 90292.

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Orange County Conditional Use Permit Facts

Usually, the initial steps in acquiring Orange County Conditional Use Permit is sending an application for permit to the Orange County zoning local authority.  After which the applicant will be called upon public hearings to present arguments and answer the questions of the zoning board about the proposed conditional use permit. The process could be overwhelming for the clients as it will require intricate attention and physical appearances from time to time. Hence, we always make sure to be on our client’s side in every stage of the process to assist them.