When opening a business, you will need an Alaska Conditional Use Permit is no walk in the park, especially if you are interested in the commercial sale of alcoholic beverages. And if you plan to do it in Alaska, there’s a ton of requirements that you need to accomplish, including an .

But don’t be discouraged because of the potentially time-consuming process. If anything, you should welcome these requirements because they serve to protect the general welfare of the community and the locals. Besides, it’s a similar process that entrepreneurs in states and counties have to go through.

The Alaska Conditional Use Permit is issued by the planning and development department in your county. It tells you if you can operate the business that you are looking to open based on its nature and in accordance with the location of your property.

However, the challenge is in the time and effort you will have to commit starting from the pre-application until the public hearings. If you can’t be sure that you can attend to all these on your own, the best workaround is to hire a professional to assist you. Not only does it make the process less of a hassle for you. Letting the experts do the work also increases your chances of getting approved.

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